Letter from The President

10 May 2024
Chelsea Football Club Incorporated

Letter from The President

Dear Members,

It’s been a while since I have sent out a communication to you.

As a club we have had a great start to the season with both Senior football & A grade netball teams on top of their respective ladders undefeated and all other teams travelling well after the first 5 rounds of the season.

I would like to bring to your attention an incident that many of you may be aware that is currently on social media that took place at the Pearcedale V Karingal game in round 3 where investigations were launched by the MPFNL around intoxicated abuse and racial vilification of players by spectators.

With the media release from the league highlighting the outcome of the investigation and penalties applied it is a timely reminder to all members whether you are player, official, volunteer or spectator, abuse in any form against anyone at an event affiliated with Chelsea FNC comes with zero tolerance with actions taken against anyone who fails adhere to the clubs code of conduct to which we all participate under as members of the club.

In saying that as a club I believe we conduct ourselves in a respectful manner when playing both at home and away with the responsibility of upholding this conduct sitting with all of us as members of the Chelsea FNC.

If at any time you are in an environment that you do not feel comfortable to address please raise this directly with myself or one of our senior members so the situation can be addressed.

We play our sport hard, we always support our teams with passion but we must remember to show respect to all.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next game hoping we can keep the winning momentum moving forward.


Michael Davis

President Chelsea FNC


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