The Chelsea Football Club may bestow Life Membership on deserving individuals who have rendered outstanding voluntary service for the benefit of the club.

Qualification and process for nomination as a Life Member is included in The Rules of Association and is summarised as follows:
(a) The Board may in each financial year grant life membership to a maximum of 2 persons who have provided outstanding service of the Associations objectives.
(b) A minimum of at least ten (10) years special service to the Association is required before any member may be nominated for life membership.

(c) Persons nominated for life membership must have been financial Members of The Association, or an honorary member as shown in Rule 16 (b), for a total of 10 years, including the year of nomination. The 10 years of membership need not be concurrent.
(d) Nominations should be put to the Secretary of the Association in writing by the 31st August each year from a financial member or a life member and be seconded by signature by a financial member or life member of the association. The written nomination must be supported by comprehensive detail of the nominated persons credentials and involvement with the Association over the 10 year period.

(e) No person who through their actions has caused the Associations good name to be brought into disrepute shall be entitled to receive life membership.
(e) The board shall investigate any nomination made for life membership  under sub rule (d) before making a decision as to the approval or otherwise of the nomination.

(f)  The Board must notify the nominee in writing of any decision made in relation to the nomination under sub rule (e).  No reason need be given for the rejection of a nomination but the Board may provide such reason if it deems it appropriate.

(g)  Where more than two nominations are received the Board shall be empowered to decide which if any life memberships may be granted.

(h)   Subject to sub rule (e), Players who have participated in two hundred (200) Home and Away Games of Senior and/or Reserves Football, or Senior Netball (All Grades), with the Association shall be automatically conferred with Life Membership.

(i)   Life members shall have all of the rights afforded to members as detailed in Rule 14 of The Clubs Rules.