White, Kevin (Doc)

Kevin (Doc) White


Career: 1961 - 1969
Senior Games: 170
Reserves Games:
3rds Games:

Senior Captain: 1961-67
Senior Best & Fairest: 1966
Senior Premiership: 1962, 1963, 1966, 1967, 1968
Seniors Leading Goalkicker: 1961 (27)
Team of the Century
Life Member

Kevin (Doc) White's Record is as long as it is impressive and is summarised as follows:

DEBUT - Collingwood 3RD XV111-1954
Collingwood 3RDS  110 games
Postals     95 games
Chelsea 1ST XV111 170 games
Chelsea 1ST XV111
1962, 1963, 1966, 1967, 1968.
Postals - 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959.
Collingwood - 1959
Saturday Morning League - 1959
Sunday League - 1959
Chelsea 1ST XV111 - 1966
Postals - 1955-1959
Chelsea 1ST XV111 - 1961 - 1967
Captain / Coach  MPFL - 1963 - 1968
Life Member  CFC - 1977
MPFL Team of the Century—Captain

What is it that affords a person recognition as a living legend? Perhaps the best judgement lies in how they are remembered.
In the case of ‘Doc’ White, the legend grows as the years go by. As far as inspiring leaders go, ‘Doc’ was outstanding. He possessed an ability to get the very best out of everyone involved, enabling him to lead the club through a new era of great success.
Personable, friendly and having a keen sense of humour, ‘Doc’ was a clear thinker with a great feel for the game and the people involved. He exuded a confidence and commitment that was contagious, making him universally popular as he generated a sense of shared commitment and self confidence.
Lightly built for a centre-half-forward, ‘Doc’ was a brilliant ball handler, too fleet of foot for most of the heavier, lumbering centre-half-backs of the sixties. He had a wonderful turn of speed and an agility that was rare in a six footer.
Appointed as Chelsea’s captain-coach in 1961, ‘Doc’ took several games  before tasting success. Forthwith, everything fell into place as the team embarked on a winning streak that would see them narrowly miss the finals.
Slowly, his team developed the same style as its coach. They were became hungry, determined and skilled ball players.
Success soon followed as the Seagulls dominated the competition throughout the sixties.
‘Doc’ himself continued to back up his astute coaching with brilliant on-field performances that brought him the honour of leading the interleague side on 20 occasions with great success. Invariably Doc’s interleague performances were of the highest standard.

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