Showing a brilliant brand of play-on football, Chelsea won its third successive Mornington Peninsula League title when it completely outclassed a tired but game Seaford combination by 57 points at the Mornington Oval last Saturday.
Conditions were perfect for football and the capacity crowd witnessed a great spectacle as the young Seaford side tried desperately to get into the game against a team which displayed a brand of football unequalled in the Mornington Peninsula League.
 Field umpire Mathieson, from the VFL, generally did an excellent job, letting players know where they stood, although at times he could have let the game flow a little more.
The northern Seagulls started the game favorites and right from the first bounce it was obvious why.
Chelsea rammed on seven goals straight before it scored a behind, and although the Tigers managed 4.3 for the first term, it was evident that they would have to get the ball away from the packs more often to get back into the game.
Webster, for Chelsea was dominating the big man duels, leaving the much vaunted Tiger rucks standing still.
Tony Kear was Seaford’s only really effective forward in the first term.
Others to come under notice were Caffyn and Lipscombe for Chelsea who were creating many opportunities up forward.
Early in the second quarter Don Alkemade, the tenacious Tiger back-pocket player was forced from the field with a torn hamstring.
Tiger big men O’Neil and Williams were both “chatted” by umpires after separate incidents in which they both figured prominently.
Chelsea, however, was content to play football, and was gradually increasing its lead.
Alderson and Furness, Seaford forwards, both came under notice with excellent play late in the term.

Alan Wickes (ex Collingwood star), non-playing coach of Seaford, read the riot act to his charges at the long interval, and there was a feeling of grim determination in the Tiger cubs as they left the dressing room for the final 50 minutes of play.
From the bounce, however, it was all Chelsea as young Matthews, showing a very cool head, calmly booted a goal then minutes later followed it with another after a good mark in the goal square.
Seaford was not contesting the ball enough, and Ellis took advantage of this to put through a great 60 yarder.
Bill Alderson, the young Seaford ruckman, took the mark of the day in this term as he rose high above the pack and fell grasping the ball in one hand. 
Well into the quarter, Elphingston kicked Seaford’s seventh, but it was all in vain as veteran “Doc” White snapped a clever left-foot goal for the Seagulls.
Paul Williams followed with another major, as many Seaford players looked on in bewilderment. Soon after the start of the last stanza Chelsea was 9 goals up, then 10 as the crowd began to leave.
Pivetta, who had been switched to centre-half-forward for the Tigers was a focal point for attack, but Seaford was still breaking down badly at the goal front.
Finally, the Tigers broke through for two quick goals to rekindle a little interest, but as time ran out the classy Seagulls broke through again to run out easy winners.
Reference : “Mordialloc Chelsea News” - (18th September, 1968.)

BACKS :        T. Brain     R. Patterson        D. Scott
HALF-BACKS       D. Jacobsen  R. Collins  R. Main
CENTRES :  C. Caffyn  K. Ellis  T. Mason
HALF-FORWARDS : L. Matthews   A. Moulden P. Williams
FORWARDS : K. White   R. Sill  L. Minotti 
RUCKS        E. Webster   W. McLeod O. Lipscombe
19TH : R. Wescott    20TH : I. McClelland
UMPIRE :      Ian Mathieson
CHELSEA :         7.1      10.2      15.6      19.11      125 PTS
SEAFORD :         4.3        6.6         7.10      9.14        68 PTS
CHELSEA :      Webster, Jacobsen, Ellis, White, Collins, Moulden, Matthews.           
SEAFORD :      Alderson, Freeman, Hindle, Esson, Stock, O’Neil,  Furness.
CHELSEA :  Ellis 3, Matthews 3, White 3, Sill 3, Moulden 2, Mason 2, Williams, Scott, Minotti.
SEAFORD :  Furness 2, Darrock, Kear, Esson, Alderson, Pivetta,  Elphingstone, Dunstan.

Chelsea’s youthful side last Sunday, at Mornington, exerted their superiority over Seaford to comfortably take out the 1968 Mornington Peninsula Premiership. Played in glorious weather before a large crowd, Chelsea won their third successive flag in what has indeed been a wonderful decade for that club. Five Senior pennants in seven years just demonstrates the hold that the powerful Seagulls have had over the competition.

Seaford began well, scoring the first major before the Seagulls quickly replied with goals by Mason, Minotti, ‘Doc’ White and ‘Curley’ Ellis. Coach Ellis and veteran White seemed to be everywhere inspiring their young charges and keeping them focussed.
Leigh Matthews, who had been quiet in the first quarter, started to come into the game and, with the help of Caffyn, enabled Sill  to convert. Small man Paul Williams threw himself into the packs with great courage that was a delight to see and his example was quickly followed by his team-mates as Chelsea started to tighten the screws.

‘Curley’ Ellis really turned it on at half-time. His speech to his young team was absolutely inspirational as he called on his players to show the dedication and desire needed to achieve this premiership goal. The second half was really rugged as the Tigers tried everything to rattle the young Chelsea team, but with the stability supplied by McLeod, Webster and Minotti, Chelsea held firm and were soon forcing their opposition into mistakes. The pressure was intense. The last quarter saw Seaford trying valiantly to bridge the gap. They attacked relentlessly only to be repelled by Webster, Patterson and Brain who were almost impenetrable in defence. Caffyn was felled to be replaced by Wescott and Williams was replaced by McClelland, but it made little difference to Chelsea’s play as these two quickly fell into rhythm with the Seagull’s system as they marched towards the coveted premiership.

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