MPNFL Announces Salary Cap and PPS for season 2021

04 September 2020
The MPNFL has announced details of the Salary Cap and Player Points for Season 2021.

The Salary Cap will be $100K for Div 1 (A reduction of $40K on previous cap of $140K)
The Salary Cap will be $ 90K for Div 2 (A reduction of $50K on previous cap of $140K)
The total PPS accross both Div 1 and Div 2 will be 42 (An increase of 2 PPS from the previous 40 PPS)

The reduction of Salary Caps across community football has been significant, with some competitions such as The EDFL having seen the Salary Cap reduce from in excess of $200K, to $100K in Div 1.The Salary Caps in lower EDFL Divisions were also in excess of $200K and they are now all lower than the MPNFL Div 2 Salary Cap of $90K.

The arrival of COVID 19 early this year has caused untold damage across almost every sector in the community. Individuals are struggling, businesses are under huge financial pressure and community sport is non existant.

For Football Clubs their seasons have been fully extinguished and they have had little capacity to generate revenue. Many Clubs may not survive this!

A significant reduction in the Salary Cap was essential to give some hope that Clubs could recover and re build post COVID and their ability to do that will be greatly influenced by how the overall economy looks when this crisis is over.

We all look forward to a return to normal times and hopefully all of our community sporting clubs will recover and again be a part of our lives when this eventually occurs. 

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